Effective Facebook Marketing Tactics

The very core of all of the Social Networks is Facebook.

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All other prominent networks are derivatives of some facet of Facebook (they have a more singular and descrete purpose such as Instagram which only shares images. There are over a billion of users on Facebook, and an amazing number of those login daily. Clearly, a great method to boost a site’s social presence and overall standing is to have plenty of Facebook Likes – this is a metric that all brands, services and even small groups seek out. Having Likes will actually increase the number of organic likes you get. A sound method to excel in this metric is to buy likes on facebook which will get you off to a good start and will spur other visitors to join in as well. When buying Facebook likes you should select a number of likes that seems appropriate for your niche – too many, it appears unnatural, too few and it doesn’t acheive the desired effect.

This video does a good job of explaining more about Facebook Likes:

We see every entity out there pitching for individuals to “like” them on Facebook. Often you have to give a like to open a special page on a site or sometimes site owners will share information, a video or pdf for example, only if you click on the like button first. This illustrates just how important the like feature on Facebook is and how important having likes really is. Thusly, it is imperically obvious that to succeed (or at least look succesful) on Facebook you need to have an effective facebook likes campaign to elevate your likes number and grow your social presence. Just make sure when you are buying Facebook Likes, they are real likes, not shiny bot created likes that Facebook detects quickly and equally as quickly deletes them.

With Twitter it’s Twitter Followers that Matter

Tweets are the new rage in communication. These 140 character messages conveyed through the microblog Twitter are everywhere and everyone seems to get news, sports and gossip from there. It is stunning how quickly this means of communication has penetrated the market. Of course, it is Twitter Followers that make all of this work:

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Having Twitter Followers means having an audience – remember if there are no Followers there is no one to receive your missives and, almost as important, no one to retweet these messages. It is a challenge to grow one’s followers organically. A clever approach to take is to buy Twitter Followers and use this as a foundation for your followers. If you buy real Twitter followers, you will have a real audience (don’t buy fake followers – Twitter finds them and deletes them very fast and you are out both money and credibility). This audience will help you attract even more followers, and their retweets will expand your reach even further. It makes sense to buy Twitter followers cheap and watch your follower count mulitply.

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This video outlines a good marketing approach to take with Twitter:

When shopping for Followers you might go where you can buy real twitter followers to ensure that you have that “built-in” group of followers who will respond to your communications.

How to buy real twitter followers

Instagram the Up and Comer for Social Media Marketing

The rise of Instagram has been fast and furious -especially amongst the younger set, which, of course as everyone knows, is the most desired demographic of them all.

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There are two metrics for marketers on Instagram that are important: Followers and Likes.

Followers are those people who choose to be part of your inner circle and with whom you share your images which you have uploaded from your mobile device. The more followers you have, the more popular you appear and, important from a marketing perspective, the more exposure you have. This is the key element to followers as you can choose who follows you and how you want to direct your marketing efforts. To do this you need to start with followers, as no one is interested in following a Instagram Page with now or few followers. The best way to get off the ground in this follower growth campaign is to buy followers on instagram so that you have a solid base with which to work from. It is important when buying instagram followers, you buy real followers, otherwise there is no interaction and Instagram will delete the bot created followers and penalize your site as a result.

Likes are the other important metric. Followers can like your images – which means they are engaging in both your Instagram Page and your images, which is a good thing. You want people to like your images as it shows that they are actively engaged in your page and like what you are putting in front of them. As with Followers, a good marketing method to follow is to get instagram likes to enhance your likes strategy. This will help you get the organic likes again and again.

Marketing on the image sharing social network Instagram is different than on other social media sites. This video does a good job with providing some valuable information on marketing on Instagram and photography:

YouTube Video Marketing Method

The largest video sharing social network, the third most visited site on the internet AND the third largest search engine. That’s YouTube. Clearly a target marketing vehicle for any marketer worth his or her salt. The key method here is to create an interesting and engaging video – indeed a series of videos – than finds the audience you are looking for. YouTube videos should be relatively short and a bit lighter fare than conventional demonstration or product information videos. What matters in YouTube marketing is views. That view counter can be very daunting, yet it most grow to capture the attention of not just the audience, but of YouTube and even Google. To do this you can buy youtube views to bolster that views counter and attract the necessary attention which in turn will create even more views for your video. Now, sometimes buying views can be expensive, so make sure you find a site where you can buy youtube views cheap to maximize your marketing budget.

You should bear in mind that having a popular video is only one part of the puzzle. You need to have a number a videos and use the above method to grow views and garner attention. Accordingly you need to have a channel for your brand or group. The measuring stick there for popularity is the number of subscribers – and you need subsribers to help with your marketing efforts (you can market directly to them.) As with YouTube views, you can buy YouTube Subscribers to get this important metric off the ground. This method will help with your overall channel strategy.

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